Your donation goes towards a range of services and programs that support people impacted by road trauma.

Donate to help to make sure that everyone can have access to the support and counselling they need, and so we can continue our work to make the roads a safer place for everyone.

The money you give will help provide free support to people impacted by road trauma and deliver programs to make our roads safer.

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Give the gift of understanding. No one should go through road trauma alone. Help connect people impacted by road trauma with our free counselling.
Give the gift of connection. Help provide access to peer support programs - a safe space to learn creative skills and spend time with other people who have experienced road trauma.
Give the gift of training and support. Help people impacted by road trauma take part in a range of volunteer support and training to speak up to make our roads safer.
Help make our roads safer. Everyone deserves to come home safe and your donation will help fund programs that change community thinking.

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